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Owner's checklist

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Below you have the list of activity you have to manage to be on track and have your rental business up and running.

Please complete the procedure following the step by step guide. for any doubt you may have, please review the help center or contact us directly.

Visit the help center

The owners are the heart and soul of our business!

Silvio Giannullo

Villa Solving founder

The procedure 
Step by step



You need to be a member to access the website.

Please create your account to be granted with the member status. We shall assign you the 'Owner Status' straight away.

You will be able to access the protected Owner's section.


The info about the villa

You can take control of your rental settings as much as you like but we do advise for the very best setting.

Click on Genius Setting button to do the trick.

Otherwise watch the tutorial and set the rates yourself.


Sign the contract

It is mandatory by law to have a contract between the agent and the owner or it would be illegal to rent the property on your behalf.

The contract has no long term commitment but we need to avoid any misunderstanding about the agreements made.


Provide your personal data

Make sure that the section about your data is fulfilled and correct in each of the section.

The info provided will be used to fill the contract with the info about the owner.

The owners' data must match the data on the title of deed.


Define the rates

To set the seasonal rates is a very complex procedure,  but we made it very simple.

You can avoid any headache and leverage on our experience.

Opt for letting us to adjust the rates in real time and to be covered under any circumstances


Get paid directly

Connect your Stripe account.

Stripe is a world leading platform, used by many company such as just to name one leading company in the rental business.

It allow you to get paid directly and immediately.

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